Peanut and Midnight

These are my new characters and their names are Peanut and Midnight. Peanut the dog likes to grow peanuts. Midnight the cat sleeps till midnight and then wakes up and sneaks around!

Peanut and Midnight Β©Brie


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  1. 1

    Dad said,

    Great Job sweetie! Love you.

  2. 3

    Angel said,

    What is Midnight hunting while he’s sneaking around?

  3. 5

    Kate Handy said,

    Awesome job, Brie!!! I love your work. I wish I could draw like that!!!

  4. 7

    Dan said,


    When I was younger, I drew these little stick people and stick animals that all lived in a zoo. I made this little comic strip out of it called “The Zoo”. It was funny! Thank you for showing other kids and their families that showing your talents to the world is not scary and can be used for great things! Keep up the work!

  5. 8

    Lea Ann said,

    Very cute! Peanut looks a lot like my dog, Brinkley! He doesn’t grow peanuts but I bet he’d like to eat some. Nice Job, Brie…keep up the good work!

  6. 9

    Deborah A. said,

    Hi Brie!
    You know, my son is an artist, and he started about your age. Keep it up! You’re really good!

  7. 10

    skylar shafer said,

    you’re awesome brie

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